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How to Buy Safe and Developmentally Appropriate Toys

When you buy popular toys for kids, it’s important to consider how the toy will help develop your child’s cognitive and motor skill development. Play is a child’s first job, and toys can serve as important learning tools. Selecting the right toys can be overwhelming, but if you follow these tips, you can choose toys that help your kids have a good time while encouraging their physical and social development.

Choose Toys that are Age-Appropriate and Safe            

It’s important to choose the best play trains with safety and maturity in mind. If you choose a toy that’s under your child’s age range, he or she may quickly become bored. If the toy is above your child’s level, they may be exposed to dangerous small parts, and they may become so frustrated that they give up. When choosing toys for your kids, be mindful of their development in terms of interests, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Pick Toys That Can be Played With in Multiple Ways

Occupational therapists recognize child’s play as an activity because it is meaningful and purposeful to a child’s development. Play entails cognitive tasks such as problem-solving, social niceties such as sharing, and coordination skills such as activating and manipulating the best kids dollhouses.

Look for Chemicals in Toys

Another thing you should look for is labeling that indicates that a particular toy is phthalate-free. The topic is evolving, and concerns are mounting that phthalates may cause hormonal imbalances and behavioral issues. If plastic wall decals for kids contain phthalates, they’ll be marked with recycling #3. The place you shop can also affect your buying practices. While there’s nothing wrong with discount stores, their kids toys may not pass current safety standards. Look for toys that are sturdy, well assembled and strong enough to stand up to months of wear and tear.

Choose Toys That Appeal to Many Senses

A child’s attention is held by sounds, textures, lights and colors. The best guitar toys have enough moving parts and pieces to capture a child’s interest and prolong play time.

Find Toys That Encourage Problem Solving, Interaction and Communication

Science kits, board games and the best marble run sets offer your older kids the opportunity to use their thinking skills in new ways, while puzzles and shape sorters are ideal for toddlers and babies. Playhouses, costumes, tools and kitchen sets can be used with multiple children to teach negotiation and cooperation, and to stimulate their imagination.

While there are hundreds of toys on the market, it can be hard to choose the best tricycle strollers for small children. However, if you follow the tips listed here, you can engage and challenge your kids while using play as a way to foster development and growth.